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Would you like to contribute to our newsletter? Have something the community might be interested in?
Contributions may include:

  • Anouncements (birth, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays)
  • Recipe sharing
  • Articles on sports groups - lets hear what our children are doing
  • Report on workshops you have attended or trips with elders and/or youth
  • Do you run a business? Would you like to be added to our "Community Showcase"
    • I need: Business name, contact information, hours of operation and if at all possible a logo
    • We also include home based business such as: Tupperware, Scentsy, Epicure
  • Stories you would like to share
    • We reserve the right to refuse and/or edit submissions

We would like to recieve your input on what information you would like to see in our newsletter. Please email suggestions to:

Currently our newsletter is published every 4 months. It is mailed out to each household, added to our website and can be found at: Quaaout Lodge, Skwlax Wellness Centre, LSLIB reception area and at the Aboriginal Interest Department.


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